FAQs for the Course


Where is my small group forum?

On the left hand side just after the introduction exercises there is a link to the forum

The forum is empty

Click on the button “show discussion”

How do I see the activities?

Choose the unit in the left side panel

I can’t see the transcript when I watch the videos

Reload the page and check at the bottom of the video that captions and transcripts are on

Why do I see other languages on the screen?

Change your language to English

I can’t upload files to the forum

Only small files can be uploaded. For larger files we suggest you upload to your google drive, Share the link so that anyone with the link can see the file and post this link to the forum. Alternatively, for videos and audios you can upload to YouTube and send the link. 


I don’t see the Annoto window

Reload your browser

I still can’t write in the Annoto window

Check that your computer is set to the correct date and time area.

The Annoto window covers my transcript

Change your choice of language to English and then it will be in English on the left hand side

Virtual World

Set up Kitely

Follow instructions in the tutorial on how to set up kitley

I’ve forgotten my username

Your username is your first name space and last name. Each starts with a capital letter. If you have 2 last names they are combined in one word or if they are long we just used the first.

I’ve forgotten my password

Remember it’s 8 characters

I can’t  get in with my password 

Your password is 8 characters (if you made a password with less characters we added zeros at the end to make 8 digits

How do you install setup Kitely?

Look at the instruction video in the introduction section

How do you open the virtual world?

You need to download the Firestorm program. The first time you enter through the Kitely application.

Afterwards, you open the firestorm program. Put in your first name space last name and your 8 character password and use your last location.

The virtual world doesn’t open

Check you have put in the correct user name – your first and last name with a space in the middle and your 8 character password. If you still have a problem contact support

It says I don’t have permission to visit the virtual island

Speak to support

My firestorm has crashed

Start the program again. If this doesn’t help and you get a notice application error you need to:

  1. Remove the program from the computer using “add and remove programs”
  2. Go to campus and reinstall the program using the “programs” button on the campus toolbar
  3. Close the program and run setup Kitely

It says the unit is closed

Go to the center of the island and click on one of the notice boards that says “Have you lost your Guide” Click here and it will reset your program.

How do I change my avatar back? 

Go to the main hall and choose your avatar again. Click on the avatar you want- accept – and then go to your inventory and under “recent” find your new outfit. Right click and choose replace current avatar.

Recording with screencast-o-matic

The program only records my voice

Put on your loudspeakers and then the program will also record your colleagues