A New Learning Experience

“Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity” – A Mooc Course

A major priority in education today is to give our students the tools to live in a culturally diverse world.

But how can you deal with issues such as prejudice and stigmas?

What if you were able to become someone else and feel what it’s like to walk in their shoes?

Welcome to a new experience – an academic course where you don’t just learn about multiculturalism but you experience it! 

This new course uses cutting edge technology together with collaborative learning to allow the students to take part in simulations and role plays and then reflect together on their experiences all within a virtual world built specifically for this course.

From the outset of the course, the students work in small multicultural groups of 6 students. All the theoretical issues are presented by means of interactive animated movies that show the issues in a friendly and experiential way. The students view the movies, and discuss the content within the film with just their small group.

Unlike standard MOOC courses this course takes the pedagogy component very seriously. We feel that it is important for our students to experience for themselves advanced pedagogy so as future educators they can incorporate this into their own teaching. This course excels in its use of pedagogy incorporating all the 21st century skills; collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, cultural awareness and more.

Reimagine Award