Where do I get technical support?

Fill in this form – in addition check when there is live support on the course timetable – press the home button.

Activity 1 – Awareness Activity

I can’t log into the program

You need to connect your email

How do I record myself?

Click on the record button

Activity 2 – SpeakingPal

How do I log in to speaking pal?

You need to first register then you will receive a password just for this activity. You use the email you used to register for the course. You will need to log in each time you use the speaking pal program

I’ve forgotten my password

Use the I’ve forgotten my password button

I can’t see all the activities

When a new unit opens you will get to see two more activities

Activity 3 – More Exercises

Can I do the exercises again?

Yes, but for graded exercises your first answer is the one recorded

I don’t know the answers to the crossword puzzle

All the words and expressions are taken from the keywords for the unit

Activity 4 – Network

How do I know when there are online sessions?

Go to home and there you will find a link to the timetable with all the dates and times

I missed the time for the session

The sessions are every week. You receive a notice on the day and five minutes before. Unfortunately if you miss the session you will have to wait until next week

My microphone doesn’t work

You need to accept the use of your camera and microphone

I can’t do the session from my mobile phone

Use your computer. Some mobile phones don’t work

Where are the words I need to use?

They are on the left hand side. If you are on your mobile they are above or below the video.

Can I record the session?

Yes there is a record button you need to press for each session and download

How much time do we have in each session

The sessions are normally for 2 minutes you can see the seconds above the phrases to use.

Activity 5 – The Virtual World

Set up and install Firestorm

Follow these instructions on how to download the program

I’ve forgotten my username

Your username is your first name then a space and then your last name.

I’ve forgotten my password

Remember it’s at least 8 characters – if this doesn’t work please write to our technical support

How do you open the virtual world?

You need to download the special Firestorm program. Put in your username which is 2 words separated by a space (your first and last name) and your password and use your last location.

The virtual world doesn’t open

Check you have put in the correct user name – your first and last name with a space between and your 8 character password. If you still have a problem contact support

It says I don’t have permission to visit the virtual island

Speak to support

My firestorm has crashed

Start the program again- if this doesn’t help and you get a notice application error you need to:

  1. Remove the program from the computer using “add and remove programs”
  2. Go to ? and reinstall the program using

I can’t see my SEC HUD

Go to Kings park in the center of the island and click on one of the notice boards that says “Have you lost your HUD?”

How do I find out which virtual world tasks i need to do?

Go to the unit area for the unit you want to do (eg. The Airport) and click on ‘Task Info’ in your HUD.

How do I change my avatar?

Go to this page to find out

My avatar has vanished

Roll the mouse wheel backwards and you should see your avatar

Another option is to click on this button at the bottom of the screen

This will add the camera function in the top left corner.

This changes the camera view – from the front above or over the shoulder

My avatar looks like an orange cloud

You need to refresh your avatar  ctrl+alt+r

How do I know what exercises I’ve completed?

go to MY PROFILE and sign in to see your grades and what you need to do