It helped me pay more attention to people who have a different culture from mine, and I expanded my empathy towards them.

The course changed my perception of the concept of multiculturalism. I thought I knew about diverse cultures, now I understood that I was wrong. I realized mainly that the fact that we come from the same country does not necessarily mean that we perceive life in the same way. We learn to live with each other and each one of us brings his diverse cultures to one country.

I learned a lot about how we see ourselves and others. I am now more open to different perspectives

The course was enjoyable and more creative than anything I have experienced

The course contributed greatly to my understanding of multiculturalism in the classroom. How important it is to me as an educator to know these concepts in order to create equity and good relationships with and between my students.

I realized that as we progressed individually in the course and accumulated joint experiences. That the stigma I had about people in society who are different from me and in the past I had no connection to them was wrong.  I realized that it is not right to look only at these externalities and we need to see what a person has “inside”. Many times those who seemed so different to me culturally are the people who have most in common with me.

This is the first exam I’ve come out smiling-it was such fun

There were challenges- collaboration is not easy

A wonderful learning experience this has given me leadership and moderator skills

It was hard to find a time to meet. Some members were not cooperative and didn’t do their share of the work

My group worked really well together. The material and course affected my life.

The course made me think about accepting and respecting others and not living with my prejudices and stigmas.It’s fun to be open-minded.

I have learned that technology can bring together people who are different and far apart in many ways, for example, culturally

It was enjoyable and more creative than any other course I have taken